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Being a full time photographer has brought so much to my life - I'm my own boss, I hang out with all types of amazing people, I get the perks of traveling AND working from home, and I almost always fall head-over-heels in love with my clients. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that I took a huge leap, leaving the safety of my day job while a chorus of critics (some of whom I love dearly) told me I was making a mistake. 

With somewhere around 150 weddings and who knows how many family, engagement, and maternity sessions under my belt, I’ve learned quite a bit. Along the way, I’ve developed my personal style, honed my editing aesthetics, overcame performance anxiety, burned myself out, lit myself back up… let’s just say I have a few tips and tricks that I’m excited to share. 


What you’ll get from a mentor relationship with me goes far beyond Canon vs Nikon and Lightroom hacks. Of course, I can nerd out on Lightroom flow for hours on end and I wear my love affair with both Sony and Nikon on my sleeve. But, at the end of the day we all want one thing - to consistently capture authentic moments. That’s my expertise. And, in my experience, that’s the key to booking clients. 


So, whether you’re brand new to photography, want to grow an existing business, need to get out of an inspirational rut, or just want someone in your corner, I’m here for you with the following packages: 


Pick My Brain - $100

You and I establish a working relationship by hoping on a zoom call and talking about: 

  • Finding your personal style / aesthetic 

  • Posing vs candid and everything in between 

  • Finding good light anywhere, anytime 

  • Staying relevant on social media (while spending the least amount of time possible on social media) 

  • Constructive criticism and room for improvement in your current work 

  • How to own your pricing

  • Lightroom flow 

  • Contracts, packages, and email workflow 

  • Investing in the right gear at the right time 

  • Really, you can ask me anything! 

After our consultation, you and I decide if we would like to begin the mentorship

Mentorship - $40/month*

$40/ Month Includes 

  • Text me or email me anytime

  • 1 zoom/phone check in per month

*You must book a "pick my brain" session to begin mentorship 

* The first month is free! 

“If you are looking for a photography mentor, look no further than Hallie. Not only is she both knowledgeable and skilled at her craft, Hallie is a caring and open book to learn from. She provides support and encouragement while being able to deliver critique without it feeling judgmental or harsh. Whether it’s help with editing, posing, equipment, pricing, even just confidence in your work, Hallie delivers.” - Alexus J 


Shadow a Portrait - $200

*Available after a "pick my brain" session, and at a time during mentorship that maximizes your personal development. 

  • Shadow one of my portrait sessions and follow it up with a Q&A over coffee or drinks 

“Learning under Hallie has been SO essential to my growth as a photographer. After struggling trying to do my own research, working alongside of Hallie has taught me so many things that the internet could never touch on and brought my knowledge up to another level. From her attitude and interaction with clients to her technical skills and editing she’s truly the whole package and that can be a rare find! Grateful to have met and learned so much from this amazing human that I can carry over into my own work and business.” - Jess D 


Shadow a Wedding - $300

*Available after a "Shadow a Portrait" session, and at a time during mentorship that maximizes your personal development. 

  • Shadow me at a wedding and follow it up with a Q&A video call. 

"Having Hallie on my side as a mentor has been such a privilege. She is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. She is also great at taking time to really understand the questions I have and give thoughtful advice. Above all else, I love that she makes me feel like an equal. She is incredibly supportive and I feel so encouraged by her words. Anyone looking to expand and strengthen their photography skills would be so lucky to work with her." - Tara O

I truly believe in sharing knowledge so if these prices are too high for you, please reach out anyway. If I can fit you into my schedule, I will happily negotiate a sliding scale payment option.

*Please check your spam folder if you do not get a response within 48 hours!!

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