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Barrington, RI | Heidi & Sophie

Where do I begin with Heidi & Sophie...I think we're a couple/photographer super team.

Towards the end of Spring, they posted on the wall of a RI Wedding Facebook Group that I am a part of asking for recommendations on photographers, DJs, venues, etc., and I commented on it to tell them about my photography website/services. After stalking them (as I've mentioned before this is part of my creepy charm) I realized that I desperately wanted them to hire me. A few weeks later, they reached out to me and we scheduled a time to meet...I was giddy.

We met at Troop restaurant in Providence and I fell in love with them even more. After they told me that they really wanted to hire self-employed females wherever they could and Heidi and I shared women's empowerment tattoos, I received a hug and was told "you're hired." YA!

First, though, we had to do engagement photos. They really wanted a rainy day so we decided to be "on call" all summer until we were all free on a day that was rainy. This happened to be at 6:30am on a random Tuesday in the middle of August. We met at the Barrington Bike Path and they brought me a latte. They were both dressed in black and white which translated so well photographically because of the contrast of Heidi's blonde hair and Sophies dark brown hair. They were also wearing matching Glacier National Park rain boots (how goddamn cute?).

We then went down the street to the beach and all got in the water - waist deep - further confirming that we are a super team. They were the perfect amount of adorably awkward, goofy in love, and super babely to make for a session that I love so very much. I CAN'T WAIT TO SHOOT THEIR WEDDING.

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