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Gill, MA | Riddley & Alexander

Riddley & Alex got married in a tiny town in Western, MA called Gill. Riddley called me toward the end of the summer hoping that I had availability for her very short-notice, intimate wedding and I did (thankfully because they were a dream couple). Everything took place right in the town center - first look and formals on the green (more like "orange" because of the foliage), ceremony in an old church, and reception in the town restaraunt, the Gill Tavern, which Riddley specifically chose because of the incredible chef there. The first dance was even right outside of the tavern under twinkle lights.

The foliage that day was something out of a dream. The tress lit up like fire and everything had a golden hue. It felt like a quintessential New England wedding in every way.

Thanks for a great time, Riddley & Alex!

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