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Providence, RI | Ariel & Keven

Where do I begin with Ariel & Keven?? Well, let's start with Ariel's fucking flawless beauty. Like...SHE IS SO BEAUTIFUL. But, not just on the outside. She is the sweetest angel, too, and made me feel so incredibly appreciated since our very first phone call.

And Keven...ughhhhh. He is good as gold. He has the biggest, brightest smile that instantly warms you right up the second you see him. He is one of my all time favorite grooms because of how kind he was to me and how invested he was in the entire experience.

And their wedding...was...GORGEOUS. Taking place in Providence, we traveled to a few different spots in order to capture and celebrate everything, including the John Brown House & Providence G Rooftop & Ballroom. Providence never ceases to leave me awestruck. It is my favorite city.

So, when you take one of my all time favorite couples in all of their beauty and plop them in one of my all time favorite cities in all of it's make me a happy lady.

Love you, Ariel & Keven!

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