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Providence, RI | Sam & Jason

Sam & Jason had a classic COVID wedding year. Early on, they postponed their June 2020 (big) wedding and, instead, eloped on Rose Island in Newport, RI. I, along with a handful of their closest family, took a boat over to the Island on a gorgeous summer day and they had a beautifully intimate ceremony with plans to throw the big party in June of 2021.

A few months before this year’s wedding they reached out to me and said that, for many reasons, they just couldn’t justify throwing that big party and risking the health of their loved ones. But, they still wanted to wander around Providence (their favorite little city) with me to take anniversary pictures, so that’s what we did!

I met them at the hotel that they were supposed to stay at for their wedding weekend and we walked around downtown Providence. We found some amazing murals to shoot in front of and twirled around in some busy streets. Then we headed over to Wayland Square, where they lived for years and they treated me to dinner at one of their old favorites, McBride’s Pub.

To say that I love this couple is an understatement. Starting at their engagement session in 2019, they are two of the most genuine and authentic people I have ever met. Their love is full of respect and adoration, they are BOSSES in their own fields (Sam having just earned her PhD), and they treated me, a complete stranger to them at first, as if we were family.

I really do love all of my couples but Sam & Jason take this love to a whole new level.


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