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Rhode Island | Jessica & Kyle

As a photographer of humans you become a creepy person. You constantly stalk beautiful and/or interesting looking people. You even find yourself following them, working up the courage to approach them and awkwardly asking them if they would ever want to be your client(s). Well, that is exactly what happened with Jessica and Kyle.

I was shooting a wedding and noticed anyone would. They are beautiful and tattooed, stylish and in love humans and I approached them to "take their photo" and tell Jessica how much I loved her dress (which she is now letting me borrow). My real motive, though, was to ask them if they would, fingers crossed, pose in front of my camera for an entirely separate shoot. I didn't have the courage exactly that night BUT I, as any photographer does, stalked them on social media and sent Jessica a message with this request. SHE AGREED.

Although she had to drag Kyle to the shoot, he ended up having even more fun than she did and the photos are EXACTLY what I was picturing for them. Thank you, Jessica and Kyle, for not judging my creepiness, and for being so much fun to work with. These pictures are some of my all time favorites <3

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