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Salem, MA | Emma & Kyle

Emma & Kyle LOVE Salem, MA (I mean who doesn't?). So it was only fitting to do their engagement session the famous Ropes Mansion (Allison's House in Hocus Pocus).

It was the perfect October evening - warm with a little chill in the air; bright October sun setting for golden hour; and leaves blowing all around us. I knew I was going to like Emma & Kyle because, based on our initial phone call leading to social media friendships, we have a lot of things in common (dogs & political views to name a few). But this session sealed the deal and I couldn't be more excited to shoot their wedding next year!!

OH! I also learned during this session that I am in love with Emma's face. It is so beautifully photogenic in a way that makes me want to take pictures of her all day thanks for the nice face, Emma!

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