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About Me 


Hi! I'm Hallie (pronounced like Halle Berry) //she/her// and I am obsessed with taking pictures of people.

As a professional photographer I have been called such things as the "therapist wedding photographer" because of my gentle and calming nature and also "ninja girl" by a little boy who watched me roll around in the sand and hurdle driftwood in order to capture a moment at a beach wedding. I am beyond flattered by both of these compliments and feel that they truly capture how I do my job - genuinely and with flexible agility. I take a "fly-on-the-wall" stance and fill in any awkward moments with easy guidance and direction.

My style is filled with movement, rawness, and authenticity. I consider it a "great photo" when I can feel your personality through the still frame. If your wedding dress is completely soaked because it rained on your wedding day and you decided to have the ceremony outside anyway. Or if you find the shot of your toddler having a complete meltdown in an otherwise perfect family photo to be frame-worthy.  If your dad's bright blue eyes are welled up with tears as he watches you marry the love of your life. Or if you (literally) shove your boyfriend over in disbelief because he just asked you to marry him (shout out to Erin & Chris).  THOSE are the moments I want to capture and the clients with whom I want to work. Needless to say, if you want staged perfection, I am not your girl.  

Overall, I prefer to work with couples and families who share a progressive awareness; and, who have nothing but complete respect and admiration for one another. 

I have been hired all over the Greater NorthEast and am willing to travel anywhere, though always prefer to stay in my favorite state - Vermont.


*subject to change*

Weddings ~ $5,500 +

*pricing varies greatly depending on

time of year and day of week. Please inquire for accurate quote.

Engagements $850

Family & Maternity ~ Starting at $850


I truly love what I get to call my profession. There is no greater feeling to me than scrolling through a set of photos after an exciting day of taking pictures of cool people.

LET'S GET THE CONVERSATION STARTED.      I love you already. 

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