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Beverly, MA | Lindsay & Trey

I met Lindsay & Trey at one of the first weddings I ever shot 3 years ago (shout out to Taryn & Mark!). When Lyndsay reached out to me in early 2019 to shoot her intimate, back-yard wedding I hoped and prayed and wished and did everything that I could to put positive vibes into the universe so that they would hire me. It sounded like just the kind of wedding I love. Personal, unique, and full of character. And, it was.

The ceremony took place in a garden and the rows of chairs were separated by rows of vegetables. Each table at the reception was covered by a colorful, vintage table cloth that brought ya right back to Hawaii in the 50s. The property overlooked the ocean. And don't even get me started on the style of the bride and groom. The second Lyndsay took out the hat with a veil on it my heart nearly stopped beating.

I also go the privilege of working with one of my favorite coordinators, Amanda Banks. She KILLED IT with the decorations and is such a doll. She has a very calming energy that makes you feel like she's got everything handled, even in the midst of chaos. HIGHLY recommend her.

All in all, this is a wedding I would shoot over and over again; not just because of the photogenic nature of it but because of the killer personalities of everyone involved.

THANK YOU, Lyndsay and Trey, you are a dream couple for photographers like me <3

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