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Boston, MA | Monica & Matt

Monica & I went to grade school together. She was a year younger than me but we became very fast friends through track. She, my best friend Amanda, and I would have sleepovers and laugh and laugh and laugh. I just remember her being one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen and she STILL IS.

She met Matt a few years ago and their chemistry is HIGHLY evident from what I've seen during run-ins and on social media. She was one of those people who I was hoping and praying would reach out to me once I knew she was engaged, not just because she is such a babe but because they, together, have such a charm about them.

I drove down from Vermont to Boston in early May and we took photos on and around the infamous 'Acorn Street' as well as in Boston Common. They hired me to shoot their wedding the next day and I AM SO FUCKING EXCITED ABOUT THAT.

Cheers to the super babely, super happy couple.

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