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Four Corners Farm - Newbury, VT | Sydney & Larry

When I first moved to Vermont, I went for a walk down the road and saw some hairy, snow-covered cows. I became obsessed with them and learned that they are called Highlanders. A few weeks later, I met a guy named Bob who cross country skis where we do. He also owns Four Corners Farm in Newbury, VT and has a herd of highlanders. He told me I was welcome to shoot there.

Sydney and Larry are a couple from Plymouth, MA whom every photographer in the world would want in front of their camera. Thankfully, after a creepy IG message from yours truly, they agreed to come up and shoot with me and the highlanders!

THANK YOU Sydney & Larry for your babliness and your carefree attitude about cow poop on your shoes. And THANK YOU Bob for giving me access to your beautiful animals.

It was my photography dream come true.

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