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Long Island | Erin & Chris

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

THIS IS A GREAT STORY. I met Chris when he was working at Wicked Tulips Flower Farm, RI last Spring. I am a regular photographer there and great friends with the owners. He traveled from Long Island to help out on the farm and is also great friends with the owners. He slept in his van in the parking lot of the festival and stole some cheeseburgers from our grill on Mother's Day. As he was stuffing his face with probably the best food he had eaten all week, we got to talking. He had this long gorgeous mane that he was going to have to buzz off to join the environmental police. He said his girlfriend, Erin, desperately wanted to get some professional photos done of the two of them before he cut it off and she happened to be visiting from Long Island that weekend. I offered to do a photoshoot with them that Saturday morning.

Of course, my brain couldn't just leave it at that and instead went to...WHEN'S THE WEDDING!? He informed me that they weren't even engaged yet. So, naturally, I said "you should surprise propose during the shoot this weekend!" And in no more than two sentences about how insane I am for suggesting that he ended up agreeing.

The next day I got a text message from him of dozens of bubble gum machine treasures, one being a purple .50 cent ring. My heart melted.

I met Erin Saturday morning. It's hard to explain but I feel like she and I are kindred spirits. Like she was a best friend that I hadn't met yet. She is the sweetest, most authentic human who radiates genuine kindness. She is also gorgeous.

Chris hid the gum-ball machine ring in his sock...

and as we approached an area he designated as "the spot" the day before, he got down on one knee and Erin preceded to push him over in disbelief. I cried, they cried, it was an epic moment for all three of us.

The next day they came over to talk to me about wedding dates and 8 months later I was on a ferry to Long Island to document their day. Chris had a freshly shaved head and Erin rocked a consignment shop dress that I WANT. Their reception was held at Cassidy Hill Farm, which was such an awesome space filled with character and farm animals. Joy radiated throughout the day and the best friend vibes continued (for me at least).

Erin and Chris both have this quirky charisma that sucks you right in. I feel very lucky to even have met them, never mind to have been able to share these beautiful moments with them. LOVE YOU TWO!


Dress (romper) - Unique Thrift

Venue - Cassidy Hill Farm

Church - St. Elizabeth Church

Band - Robby Deitz Entertainment

Invites - by the Bride, Erin, herself (she's super talented and you should hire her)

Hair/Make-up - The Salon at Ulta

Videographer - Cocktail Hour Productions

Bar - Mobile bar service called - The Trailer Bar & Grill

Catering - River Avenue BBQ

Dessert - rice krispie cakes made by the Bride & donuts by Glen Wayne Bakery

Bridesmaid Dresses - Birdy Grey

Groomsmen Suits - H&M

Flowers (tables capes, bouquets, bouteneires) - Trader Joe's (assembled by Bride, MOB & MOG)

Bouquet Charm for Dad - Etsy Shop - ShoreCrafty

Bride's Jewelry - Etsy Shop - Beautyland

Waitstaff - Angel Waitress Service

Rings - Forever Diamonds & Enso Rings